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September 13, 2017

Green route vision for the future

A previous visionary Labour Government purchased the former Lakeside police station for the purposes of the present green route.
A recent Liberal Government endorsed the green route, but the latest Labor Government led by a Premier known as the roundabout specialist changed it to grey – with this background, another roundabout by him would clearly follow their old established policy.
The Moira Shire, the tourist bureau, the Yorta Yorta community, a public vote of bridge users and a unanimous vote from the 10 local Order of Australia medallists including two from Mulwala, all support the green route. Surely we don’t believe democracy is now dead in this country.
Our towns are so wonderful because we have so many involved in community activities for the benefit of others – over 100 groups were once recognised in a thanksgiving service by Loni the Tongan uniting church minister. Amazing.
At the top of this list today are 10 current OAMs who have volunteered a lifetime of commitment to us with wisdom, integrity and motivation for outstanding results. Just look at what they have done. Their achievements have improved the lifestyle of all of us. They are a very important part of the heart and soul of this place. Why would anyone want to frustrate their vision and ambitions of our future?
If the bridge goes or stays the green route is clearly the best with Yarrawonga/ Mulwala emerging as a significant city based on tourism as happened at Hervey Bay.
No-one believes the bridge could be restored eventually as a wonderful tourist attraction, as is the case throughout Europe, unless it is economically and socially viable based on independent assessment.
Current maintenance cost assessments have been established as seriously wrong.
The green group provides the option to keep this significant tourist asset with potential for restricted use.
We are bridge towns- Sydney and London and many other places are notorious for their bridges and we could be too, with a little imagination.
Bypass roads are going in everywhere these days but have we seen one that goes to a busy intersection at the top of the main street then past prime property lined with parked cars?
Interstate traffic is becoming a major problem due to rapid expansion on both sides of the river.
Melbourne Street has to face a constant flow of vehicles- heavy trucks and farm machinery, cars towing caravans and boats and a multitude of tourists through the shopping centre.  
The challenges are two large clubs, two timeshare destinations, three caravan parks and two hotels.
The ski club for example caters for up to 2000 customers per night on a number of occasions.
 Both club car parks and the museum one are full and the club road frontage car covered sometimes as well, in addition to the main street -  this traffic situation should not continue.
The enormous amount of traffic passing three future roundabouts means that township householders may have to wait for up to a dozen vehicles to pass to get to the road.
Now to improve safety, a 50 km speed limit from the Savernake Road to the bridge has just been introduced to slow traffic further. A 3 km slow trip to the bridge results.
While there may be no perfect river solution the best option is surely to install the green route now with the necessary future option of extending it inevitably to the Barooga- Tocumwal road.
The Wodonga – Lavington bypass is an excellent example to follow with speeds up to 110 kms per hour allowed.
We must all realise, as the Moira Shire does, that we are voting for realities in both states.
For Yarrawonga the straight through route from the Tocumwal Road to the Telford Street – the Murray Valley Highway is ideal, with turn offs to the Main Street and clubs in both states.
An uninterrupted trip can be taken across both townships with best options covered.
The trip to the wonderful businesses opening up east of McDonalds- the Denis Medical Centre, Bunnings, Toyota and Silverwoods would involve easy travel.
The green route also caters for two parks west of Belmore Street available now.
East of Belmore Street there is already serious traffic congestion on account of the hospital, medical facilities, two churches and a multitude of foreshore activities and is very detrimental to the grey route option. Please think carefully and record your important vote.
What is your vision for the future? Support green for a better future with your important vote.

Trevor Jones

Keep direct connection

With proposed further development of Yarrawonga being to the east of existing commercial area, why would a bypass bridge/green route be proposed to the west?
Keep the direct connection between Mulwala and Yarrawonga commercial centres with the grey route .
The old bridge will be demolished.

Bev Long

Looking forward

Looking into the future, hopefully not too distant.
Fast Forward – all happy. Grey route – finally accepted by all groups to adopt planned route.
Now, let’s all work together as a community with VicRoads and RMS to make sure our new bridge has everything we have dreamed of:
- Relocate part of overhead steel structure from old bridge to Miss Ross Hill area, incorporate jetty/boardwalk along foreshore of Lake Mulwala. Utilise interpretive signage to depict old bridge history and more (similar to south of weir bridge area Yarrawonga).
- VicRoads and RMS would be happy to work with community and replicate original overhead steel structure on new bridge if required (if more than Miss Ross Hill/other feature is needed). This would be of a non-structural form.
- New bridge will have viewing platforms, fishing areas along it with appropriate shade and sitting areas. Discuss with VicRoads and RMS for more details and planning.
- New Bridge will have a 3-5 metre promenade erected on the east side to cater for all our tourism and leisure activities. Example loads of room to conduct sporting events across bridge without disrupting bridge traffic. Make sure promenade is to the EAST (tourism).
- Grey route will have no effect on aqua zone or skate park operations, probably will encourage people to stop in town as they pass these activities and can see our beautiful lake.
- Cycling underpass if required to link workers access to factory, north end of bridge.
- Moira Shire have expressed interest in keeping 50 metres of old bridge as a feature (south end).
- Great opportunity for Yarrawonga Mulwala tourist centre to relocate to new building incorporating arts, craft, history and café/restaurant etc. Already discussed by forward thinking community members.
- Old Customs House may not need to be relocated. Discuss and plan.
- Lighting on bridge, discuss with authorities
- Do we need a path on west side as well? Discuss cycling options.
- Include more interpretive signage on new bridge in addition to Miss Ross Hill and other foreshore areas.
- Make sure all exit and entry point are as required for traffic flow, entry to ClubMulwala. Moira Shire will be required to work with VicRoads where road responsibilities meet on Victorian side.
- Other, more, what else?
Add your thoughts/ideas, email

Ken McLean

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